The WWE “New” Era Draft | Picks 1-15

At Payback this past Sunday the WWE announced we have entered a “New” era in WWE. This was done to try to give some excitement to a product that needs a jump-start. Wrestlemania 32 was one of the worst ever. Not only were the matches bad but the fact that the Dallas Cowboy’s Star was seen more than the WWE logo made it seem to commercial. The good thing about the “New” era is that NXT superstars are getting a shot at the main roster. Unfortunately WWE will keep rolling with Roman Reigns and completely waste the NXT talent like they have done with The Wyatt Family, Owens, and Ambrose.

The NFL Draft has just completed so we will have to go at least a couple of weeks before next years mock drafts come out. This is a WWE draft of the top 31 superstars. One pick was forfeited due to Rybackgate.

Here are Picks 1-15.

 #1 Seth Rollins

seth rollins

Seth Rollins “in the right hands” can be one of the biggest superstars the WWE has ever had. He is the perfect Heel to mold the “New” era and lead the company. He has some of the best in-ring ability and he is the best on the mic. When Seth Rollins finally does return he will be one of the biggest Baby Faces in the WWE for no other reason then to be the guy to stop the Roman Reigns nonsense.

#2 Dean Ambrose


Dean Ambrose is the new worker for WWE. He can carry any match and headline PPV’s all while not getting the chances he deserves. Dean Ambrose gives everything he has every match. He is good enough on the mic to be one of the top performers. If it wasn’t for the odd obsession with making Roman Reigns into John Cena, Ambrose would be the top guy.

#3 Kevin Owens


Kevin Owens has been hovering around with the Intercontinental Title since he joined the main roster. His in ring ability is top-level. After listening to him do commentary and constantly yelling at Micheal Cole and Byron Saxton for no apparent reason just shows that he is unmatched with his improv ability and his verbal skills.

#4 Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt has yet to hold any titles in the WWE. He has the most fan involved entrance and his gimmick done by anyone else would come off as cheap and stupid. Bray Wyatt can just speak nonsense words and it’s gold. It seemed like Wyatt would finally get some respect at Wrestlemania going toe to toe with The Rock until once again John Cena came out and killed all Wyatt’s momentum.

#5 AJ Styles


AJ Styles has payed his dues and it’s paying off. He can even make a match with Roman Reigns exciting. His match against Reigns at payback was amazing. I didn’t really have an opinion of Styles good or bad until that match. I found myself rooting for a Styles win as opposed to a Reigns lose, which is how I felt at the beginning of the match. WWE is going to kill any momentum Styles has when he loses to Reigns again.

#6 Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler is a veteran of WWE but still hasn’t been utilized properly. Ziggler is a worker, and doesn’t complain. Ziggler should get his shot at the WWE championship at some point, but it may be too late. Ziggler’s baby face character has run its course, it’s time for Ziggler to go heel.

#7 Enzo Amore


Enzo and Cass made a huge splash in the WWE when they got the call up. Even though they are just completely rehashing The New Age Outlaws, they pull it off because of the talent of Enzo. All signs pointed to them becoming the Tag Team Champions before Enzo suffered a concussion at Payback. The injury came at the worst time for Enzo and the WWE. Enzo will be back and he has the charisma to become a star.

#8 Big E

Big E

Big E started out as just a strong man. He never got a chance to really show his personality. The New day started out as a baby face team but the WWE universe turned them into heels and they ran with it. Kofi doesn’t have the mic skills that Xavier and Big E have. When the New Day runs its course as a team Big E will have to show he can handle a solo career.

#9 Finn Balor

Finn Balor

Finn Baylor is still in the WWE-NXT limbo. He’s ready to get called up but hasn’t got his shot yet. Balor has one of the most unique entrances in wrestling, and he has the skill in the ring to back it up. With AJ Styles and rumors of a Bullet Club reunion it’s only a matter of time till Balor gets the call up.

#10 Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn is one of the NXT stars shinning on the WWE roster. He has been through a lot to get to the big dance. Zayn and Owens have a feud going that can run for a while. Both Zayn and Owens have the chops to make it interesting. Zayn may never be WWE champion but he will perform at a high level every night and will be with one of the wrestlers that help user in the “New” WWE era.

#11 Shinsuke Nakamura


Nakamura needs to get called up to WWE fast. He has charisma out the ass and it’s kinda of unexplainable. He is like nothing I have ever seen in WWE, Nakamura is completely different. He doesn’t even have to speak, his body language, entrance and wrestling style has fans everywhere wanting to see more from him. He is a bit older and shouldn’t be in NXT long.

#12 Cesaro


Cesaro has returned to shake up the IC title scene. Cesaro is freakishly strong,(pound for pound strongest in WWE) and is a fan favorite. Cesaro needs to work on his mic skills a bit but is extremely talented in the ring, and will be a mid to main card wrestler in the “NEW” era.

#13 Paige


Page and AJ Lee are the ones that started the “Diva’s Revolution” not the Bella Twins. Page and AJ had the ability to have some more really good matches. (Hell in a Cell) After WWE screwed AJ Lee it seemed like Page was going to carry the Women’s torch, but she kinda of just disappeared. Now her main concern seems to be Reality TV. Hopefully she can get back on track and back in the ring, or at the very least let her run her mouth a bit.

 #14 Charlotte


Charlotte is the most talented and physically gifted wrestler in the women’s division. She has being a heel down pretty good. The only thing standing in her way is the one thing that got her on top, Ric Flair. Ric Flair has interfered in every match other than Payback where WWE decided to do some weird Screw Job ending with senior referee Charles Robinson. Once Charlotte drops Daddy she will gain a lot more respect.

#15 Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods came out of nowhere to become the mouth of The New Day. Woods has the intelligence to be around for a long time. When The New Day is done WWE needs to get Woods behind the commentary desk and have him become the new Heel announcer. JBL has gotten stale and (by orders of WWE) won’t talk bad about Reigns during his matches. Woods is the perfect replacement for King or JBL.

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