The Icon Says:”The Smack Was Laid Down, And James Ellsworth Can’t Stop Coughing”

Smackdown Live! began with Shane and Daniel Bryan watching last weeks title match and discussing the future of the program. Fumbling in came a sick James Ellsworth, who comically could not stop coughing. Shane and Daniel Bryan were clearly disgusted by this (as if Ellsworth isn’t disgusting enough as it is). They sent Ellsworth home, claiming he was too sick to compete–especially in a title match. Thank god. Did I say that out loud? The WWE loves these corny segments for some reason.

Miz starts the broadcast with his wonderful (sarcasm) Miz Tv Show.  Guest for the evening AJ Styles is called down to talk about his “so called match” later in the night and surprisingly the crowd is chanting his name.  Despite the surprising pop AJ got, this segment was still a joke and will continue to be (it’s no Highlight Reel. Hell, even Cutting Edge and Piper’s Pit outclass this ‘show’).  Miz continues to pat himself on the back and hints a challenge to AJ for the title (isn’t he already the intercontinental champ? Didn’t understand this).

As the segment crawls painfully on, Dean Ambrose’s music hits and the Lunatic Fringe hits the ring. Dolf Ziggler had to add his two cents as well and for some reason Luke Harper. The segment ends with Dean Taking out The Miz and Dolph ending with Luke Harper downing Ambrose.

The powers that be then made perhaps the best match we have seen in the WWE, period, for quite some time. These four competed in a fatal four way, with the winner to meet AJ for the title. Wow! The first 30 minutes of the show gives Smackdown the victory over Raw, yet again.

Next up Natalia vs Carmela. This rivalry continues to build steam as the writers continue to further the heat with Nikki Bella and the mystery woman who attacked her at the Pay Per View last month.   This match had more to it then was expected.  With Carmela getting the victory, it showed the plan is to advance this story line even further.  Moving on to the best tag team division in the WWE, all the active teams competed for a change to win the titles. The battle royal was very interesting to say the least. With the #1 contender position on the line, these teams don’t hold anything back. The most interesting part of the match was when Heath Slater eliminated his own partner, Ryhno. The VaudVillian’s were the first full team to be completely eliminated. American Alphas were next out. Heath and Ryno next gone (with the aforementioned friendly fire).  The Fashion Police and The Assention were last to go, making the HypeBros your winners.

Next on the docket, Alexa Bliss vs Deonna Purrazzo. Which never got underway due to Alexa playing the heel roll to perfection and saying she doesn’t face nobodies. This match never got underway, though, with Bliss jumping her opponent before the bell with a blatant cheap shot. Becky Lynch came out to fight, but the SmackDown Women’s Champ wanted no part of her. Shane would step in at the last minute and make the match.  This match had the status to be an awesome match and it did somewhat deliver. This match did prove the woman’s division on Smackdown is going to higher levels, but it still has a way to go to reach RAW. The match ends with a count out where Alexa Bliss fakes a knee injury. Typical heel move to keep the belt.

The fatal four way match set up earlier in the night proved to be the match of the year so far. The question to ask is what is Luke Harper was doing in this match? Shock value or unpredictability? Perhaps both. Cena isn’t back for two weeks and who else does this roster have?  The match began with Harper making a statement and taking out everyone in the ring in dominant fashion.  Miz would be the first to be eliminated, falling victim to a crafty pin by Ambrose. Luke Harper was eliminated by Ambrose as well after a Dirty Deeds. This left only Ziggler, which was more than expected.  It was an interference by Miz that cost Ambrose the match, wich will set up an IC itle stor line between those two going into 2017.

The match is set: December 27 it will be Styles vs Ziggler. This is epic. This is the first time a show has featured two elimination matches in one night.

THE ICON SAYS: The SmackDown was laid tonight for sure!

Final Grade B+

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