Swift Knuckle Solution Are Here To Crack Skulls

Swift Knuckle Solution

Swift Knuckle Solution

Violent Breed Records, 2016

From Orlando,comes Swift Knuckle Solution, a no frills, kick in the pants band. Theirs is a simple formula; a thunderous bass, serrated guitars tones and incessant rhythm, dressed with vitriolic vocal delivery. With a deep understanding of melody,and the entire Motorhead catalog, SKS come out of the gate cracking heads, and with none of the songs topping 2:29, ready to be played again.

There’s six songs here. “Loss of Control,” “Honestly,” and “Spinning Sides,” are stand out tracks on a disc full of hard bitten, brawny numbers.

Like the whack in the head you took from a combination lock in a tube sock during your first and only three day stint in juvenile detention, you’ll remember this for some time to come.


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