Is the NFL dying?



Growing up watching football was a part of my being and essence. Every Sunday I could see athletes that were gods to me give 100% of their blood , sweat, and tears and leave it all on that field. Some would play with broken legs and hands just for the thrill of victory. This isn’t the way the game is played anymore my friends and I have to tell you it won’t be ever again. The old NFL is dying a slow death and I am not sure anyone is seeing it. There are a few reasons this league is suffering and I am sure some of you have noticed like I have. I hope in my heart someday the NFL will be what it once was, but that isn’t going to happen.

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Please come back old NFL.


There are 4 reasons why I think the NFL is dying a slow death my fellow fans. Let me know if you think I am right. I really sat down for a while and thought about this so here it is..



Nov 13, 2016; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) takes off his helmet after failing to score on the last play of possession during the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks at Gillette Stadium. The Seattle Seahawks won 31-24. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports






Here me out on this one. Peyton Manning retiring has left a huge void in this league. Tom Brady will not be around forever, and do we really think Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers are REALLY that big of stars? I sure as hell don’t. You don’t see the superstars on commercials, television , and radio anymore. They are all looking to greener pastures.  Gone are the good days when the league had dynamite QB’s and thrilling games every week. The league has no STAR to rescue this league.



Where have you gone Peyton Manning?



If you think players like J.J. Watt, Andrew Luck, and Jameis Winston are gonna lead this league into a dawn of a new era you can forget it. The lack of talent in the NFL has dwindled for what seems for like too long recently. That is why you see so many mediocre teams that are terrible. Even the mighty Patriots aren’t invincible. Tom Brady has maybe 2 or 3 years left and can you imagine how bad the league will be then? I will say a prayer.

Tom Brady

When Brady retires is the NFL done?





#2- Roger Goodell

Berman to Goodell Crotch Kick Number 1: A portrayal of Goodell's reaction.


Your damn right he is a major problem. Commissioner Stalin just doesn’t get it. He has alienated nearly all the players and has handled way too many incidents poorly. He only cares about putting money in the owners pockets and his own. Some of things haven’t all been his fault , but he bares the rest. He totally botched the whole Ray Rice incident miserably. He should have been fired immediately after that. The Tom Brady ‘De-Flategate’ fiasco might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen go down in the history of sports. This idiot gives Brady 4 games for deflating a football and Rice clocks his fiancée on video and he got 2 games? Don’t get me started on Greg Hardy. This league needs a fair and impartial commissioner who works with the owners AND players. This league has no stability and guess why?


This face says it all.





#3- Too Many Bad Incidents


Rice is done.



The previous things I have mentioned in the last paragraph have made this league look like complete tools. Women have become a huge positive influence in the NFL. Women watch more games and participate in many more things than you think. What do you think happens to them when they see these kinds of situations keep happening? You think they don’t know who Ray Rice or Greg Hardy are? Of course they are gonna stop watching. You can bet they will stop buying merchandise and won’t go to games anymore, because they don’t feel the league is doing its job and fixing this, don’t you?


Women are more into games now than ever, but you think they will tune in now?






This is a bigger concern than you think my friends. I have seen too many player’s careers get cut short because of this. There is now protocol and more tests done on this. This has also taken too many lives away as well.  I can’t begin to describe to you what it feels like to have a concussion unless you have had one. Trust me I have had a few and I have felt like my brain went through my skull. I couldn’t stand sunlight or any kind of light for days. Kids playing football now are going through some of these tests as well. This is a major reason I feel the talent has dropped in the last few years. Parents don’t want their kids to suffer and go through the agony. I understand part of that, but I wouldn’t let it defer me for letting my kid chase his dreams. This is something that will never end and it could single-handedly kill the NFL.


Concussions could end the NFL for good.





I have been a fan of the game of football since I was 5 years old. I played it in high school until I got hurt ,but it was worth every minute. To be on that field was like being in the NFL with my moment of glory.  It has been good to me over the years and has given me much joy and pain.  I am sad to see how far this league has sunk and how dramatically it has changed. I don’t know if there is a solution to fix this. My heart tells me that over time it will be back to what it once was, but my brain tells me I am fooling myself. What does it tell you? Is the NFL dying or can it be revived?


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Jeremy Bloom
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I am a student at Asnuntuck Community College studying to get my degree is Communications. I love Sports and writing about them. My favorite teams are the Boston Red Sox, NY Giants, and Uconn Men's basketball.

Jeremy Bloom

I am a student at Asnuntuck Community College studying to get my degree is Communications. I love Sports and writing about them. My favorite teams are the Boston Red Sox, NY Giants, and Uconn Men's basketball.

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