Brother Spellbinder Perform Music From When the Earth Was Still Flat

When the Earth Was Still Flat

Alzara and Brother Spellbinder

Independent Release, 2016

Acoustic and arty, San Francisco’s Alzara and Brother Spellbinder are a singularly unique act. Graceful and offering a light touch, their songs by turns feel folky, with shades of gypsy jazz, dance hall, and cabaret camp.

“Speed of Sound” has a full bodied sound with only acoustic instrument. This alone let’s you know how in tune the musicians are to one another. Vocalist Alzara brings a profound pathos to each and every number, while the instrumentation weaves back and forth between playfully delicate melodies, and solid rhythms. “Madame” is heavy on the theatrics. It’s easy to imagine this as part of a stage show.

“Josephine,” reveals itself like an old friend confiding in you. Dramatic, vulnerable, and hopeful all at once, this music is intimate and easily intriguing.

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